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Our Adult Eye-care Services

  • Diplopia (Double Vision)
  • Cranial Nerve Palsies
  • Traumatic Brain Injury/Stroke
  • Demyelinating/Neuromuscular Junction Disease
  • Thyroid Eye disease
  • Orbital Trauma/Floor Fractures
  • Re-Operations after previous strabismus surgery
  • Prism Fitting/ Prism adaptation Therapy


Adult Strabismus

We often get asked why adults with strabismus see pediatric ophthalmologists. It is because many ocular disorders of childhood persist or return in adulthood.
These patients are best served by the expertise of a Pediatric Ophthalmologist. Patients with a history of strabismus (crossed or wandering eye) or amblyopia (one eye with poor vision) may continue to experience problems as they age.

Pediatric Ophthalmologists specialize in disorders of ocular motility and can offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Adults who develop double vision, or ocular misalignment later in life should be evaluated by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist in order to determine their underlying diagnosis

Many acquired motility disorders are associated with systemic conditions such as stroke, autoimmune disease, thyroid dysfunction and cancer can be treated to help the patient.


Important notes about your visit

Please wear or bring your current eye glasses and/or contact lenses to your appointment. Also, bring a list of the medications you normally take to be included in your medical record during your eye exam.

If you are coming for a comprehensive eye exam, which necessarily includes dilation, please plan to allow adequate time for the exam. This may take 60-90 minutes. Your evaluation will begin with an in-depth medical history that will include any previous ophthalmic history and a medical review. Visual acuity will be tested by determining the smallest letters you can read on a standardized eye chart. Each eye will be tested individually to determine your best vision at distance and near. Next a refraction will be performed which checks any possible need for a glasses prescription.. This important test is performed to determine your best possible vision Other parts of the exam will include :pupil response to light will be examined to see if the light is being appropriately transmitted to your brain., Peripheral (side) vision will be checked to see if you are missing parts of your visual field from diseases like glaucoma or strokes. In addition a slit lamp microscope examination will be performed to look at health of the anterior segment of the eye, which includes your cornea. Intraocular pressure will be checked to see if your eye pressures are at a normal level.

All new exams normally include a dilated eye exam of both eyes. This important part of the exam will allow the doctor to look at the inside and back of the eyes and check the health of your lens, retina and optic nerve. You may want to bring a driver with you as some people find it difficult to drive after being dilated.

  • Others tests may also be performed on an as needed basis, depending on what the preceding parts of your examination have revealed. These include formal visual field testing, photography, high resolution scans of the back of the eye, pachymetry to check your corneal thickness, and ophthalmic ultrasound.
  • After the examination, your doctor will discuss the results of the exam with you and answer any questions you might have!

Important: Dilation results in sensitivity to light and an inability to see well at close range or distance for a few hours to a few days. We provide free disposable sunglasses or dark inserts for your regular glasses. Patients should wear sunglasses and be cautious of walking and going up or down stairs until the dilation wears off.

We recommend not driving or operating dangerous machinery immediately after your dilated eye exam or treatment. Please plan to have someone accompany you to drive you home or wait until your eyes return to normal so that you can drive safely.

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