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Poor vision due to cataracts is very common; in fact, about 50% of people have cataracts or have had cataract surgery by the time they’re 80 years old. If you’re experiencing cloudy vision, see the ophthalmologists at Columbia Eye Associates & Family Focus Eye Care in Lake City, Live Oak, and Gainesville, Florida. The team offers conservative and surgical treatment of cataracts for adults and children so you can see clearly again. To set up an appointment, call or book online today.

Cataracts Q & A

What are cataracts?

The natural lens in your eye is responsible for bending light as it enters your eye so that you can see. The lens is normally clear and flexible. A cataract occurs when the lens becomes cloudy.

When your lens becomes cloudy as the result of a cataract, this prevents light from entering your eye, so it’s harder to see. Cataracts can occur in one or both of your eyes. If left untreated, cataracts can lead to blindness.

What causes cataracts?

The most common cause of cataracts is age. During the aging process, the proteins found in your lenses break down beginning around the age of 40. This breakdown worsens over time and consequently, many people over the age of 60 experience some clouding in their vision. This may not be a problem for a number of years until the lens becomes so cloudy that it blocks all light from reaching your eyes.

Other causes of cataracts include:

  • A family history of cataracts
  • Diabetes
  • Eye injury, eye surgery, or radiation treatments for your upper body
  • Too much sun exposure, especially if you don’t wear sunglasses with UV protection
  • Certain medications, like corticosteroids

Cataracts can occur in children, often as a result of the way the lenses formed in their eyes before they were born. Cataracts may also develop after birth due to genetic predisposition, trauma to the eye, or metabolic conditions like diabetes.

How are cataracts diagnosed?

To diagnose cataracts, the team at Columbia Eye Associates & Family Focus Eye Care begins with a thorough eye exam. Different diagnostic procedures are performed to examine the lens in your eye and assess the severity of the clouding in the lens. Dr. Karl Bodendorfer treats adults, and Dr. Nausheen Khuddus provides care for children with pediatric cataracts.

How are cataracts treated?

Treatment for cataracts begins with conservative measures, like new glasses or UV-protective sunglasses, using brighter lighting when reading or working or magnifying lenses when needed. If these measures aren’t enough, the team may recommend surgery.

During cataract surgery, your provider carefully removes the clouded lens and replaces it with an artificial lens. Traditional and premium lenses are available based on your normal prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses to allow for clearer vision. The surgery is typically performed on one eye at a time even if you have cataracts in both eyes.

To be examined for cataracts, call Columbia Eye Associates & Family Focus Eye Care or book an appointment online now.